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Halfway to Holland

Halfway to Holland left very little of a trail of their existence behind on sites. There’s practically no actual pictures of them, and just two videos of them on youtube. I can’t find any of their material able for purchase. However, their recorded material is able to be found, and that seems to be all that matters. Joe Reinhart (guitars) and Peter Helmis (bass/vocals) now play in Algernon Cadwallader, while the rest of the members went into Like Lions and other projects. They played a really fun and emotive style of pop-punk. It’s somewhat similar to Algernon Cadwallader, since they have the same vocalist, but totally different at the same time. The lyrics are great and everything about this band was special. It’s a nice little glimpse into the past at what the members of Like Lions and Algernon Cadwallader did, and how impressive it was.

Halfway to Holland – CDR

Halfway to Holland – Demo

Halfway to Holland – Compilation Tracks

Halfway to Holland – Unreleased Tracks

Download it all in one .zip.