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Me and Him Call it Us

When I first heard Me and Him Call It Us, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had seen their name tossed around as a RIYL on for Heavy Heavy Low Low, so I wasn’t expecting much. However, is doing a huge favor to those listening to HHLL and pointing them in the right direction. Me and Him Call it Us is some of the most intense music of its kind. The only thing that really matches it in intensity could be The Sawtooth Grin or The Number Twelve Looks Like You’s Rosy Red Glasses-era stuff, with bits of The Locust mixed into it. I could also quote someone from and agree with them completely: “Take Pg. 99, throw in some more double bass, breakdowns and ambience, and you have a kick ass album by these guys. Plus they’re a fucking three piece. Get your hands on ‘Loss’ immediately. It’s such a complete album.”

They are broken up for reasons that aren’t really documented by the internet, so I’ll just leave it at them being broken up and that being unfortunate. Check out their music though.

The (C:) Drive of Love Stories

Demo (out of print) – Download



Split w/ The Blue Letter