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Breather Resist

Breather Resist

I am not a fan of metal at all. I hate all the pretentious asses who have bad vocals, long hair, black clothes and act like they’re incredible because they can swing their female-length hair around and play rhythmic guitar solos. However, it would be unfair and hypocritical to say I don’t like certain genres of metal. The truth is, there’s nothing I love more than a good mathcore/tech metal/metalcore band. I love hearing the technical stuff they can play, and bonus points if they can tear faces off from intensity.

Breather Resist would have to be an example of this. Hailing from Kentucky, they played an insane style of mathcore reminiscent of my favorite band ever, Botch. However, they weren’t a Botch ripoff band at all. They created their own crazy riffs and sound that is almost unrivaled. Only In the Morning is some of the most intense 20 minutes of music i’ve heard. Charmer is different, but more progressive I guess. The Full of Tongues 7″, in retrospect, was a huge step towards what they would eventually become. They also have a few 7-inches out with alternate versions of Only in the Morning songs that are really intense.  Of these 7-inches, my favorite is The Second Half.

Unfortunately, their singer left the band. The other members have went on to form Young Widows, which is vastly different from Breather. It’s good, but just not the same.

Only In The Morning

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Splits and EP’s

Patent Cruciform Casket 7″ (2003)

The Second Half 7″ (2003)

Split Session (2004)

Split w/ Harkonen (2004)

Full of Tongues 7″ (2005)