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Acres. was once a band from Montclair, NJ. There are tons of bands that form, release a handful amazing material, and break up way too soon. Unfortunately, Acres. is one of those bands. I had the pleasure of catching both of their last shows, both at the drummer Dexter’s house in Montclair. The second time was a surprise set and their definite last show ever, and it’s truly a bummer, because they are so talented and played an amazing set that everyone loved. These guys are my friends, but this opinion is without bias; they are one of the most talented bands of this kind that I have ever heard. I am posting their 4-song demo Silos, which is an amazing showing of the noodly guitars and deep lyrics that Acres. once displayed.

I know its in iTunes format, but oh well, you should be using foobar2000 anyways.

Acres. Silos


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