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Trophy Scars

You ever feel really down? You can’t even shake how you feel, and when you talk to your friends they can’t relate? Maybe that girl you liked/were going out with/etc. hurt you more than you thought possible, maybe you fell in lov or maybe something else happened. Here is some advice that can’t go wrong: Listen to Trophy Scars.

Personally, this band has helped me through so much. Jerry Jones is one of the most personal and emotional lyricist/vocalists I have ever heard. They have came to the rescue as a therapy session of sorts for whatever I’m feeling more times than I can even count. I really love this band.

Alphabet. Alphabets. is one of the best albums I have ever heard. Every song is perfect in its own way, and they contrast from being heavy and angry (Artist. Artists.), the thought-0ut and emotive (Apple. Apples.), The reminiscent (Assistant. Assistants.), story-like (Assassin. Assassins.) and the so-personal-that-it-could-invoke-tears (Alligator. Alligators.). It’s truly a great album that is worth picking up and a great starting point for them.

Both of their EP’s, Goodnight Alchemy and Hospital Music for the Aesthetics of Language are amazing in their own ways. They are both very lengthy and memorable. Their most recent full-length, Bad Luck, is a great musical progression from Bad Luck with tons of great story-telling in the ever-so-emotive lyrical and musical content of the band. The debut album Darts to the Sea is raw, angry and an interesting look at where this band started.

These dudes deserve your support. They do everything pretty much by themselves, so there are buy links for a reason.

Darts to the Sea (re-issue)


Hospital Music for the Aesthetics of Language


Goodnight Alchemy


Alphabet. Alphabets.


Bad Luck


Trophy Scars/The Saddest Landscape Split


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