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Merchant Ships

I love Merchant Ships, and I would love to tell you why. I am sixteen years old, and many of the members of this band are around my age or slightly older. They make music that I hope to make at any age, let alone if I made it at this age it would be nothing short of a miracle. The lyrics and screams are hard, shrill and really hit the point. The guitarwork is perfect. Honestly, they’ve helped me through a lot of stuff as of late. To say their music is personal is an understatement, it does more than strike a nerve a lot of the time.

They broke up for a bit, but thank god they’re back together. They’re really nice dudes, and if they end up being at the forefront of the whole 90’s emo revival thing going on right now soon, I will not be surprised. They’re currently recording a full length, but here is some of their other material to enjoy and get you stoked on whatever surely to be awesome record they are making. I personally love the Bummer Times demo the most, but everything is fantastic.

Bummer Times
I Want to Forget About Everything Bad That Happened, Ever
Two BRAND NEW recored in 2010 songs!
Old Grey

Download it all

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