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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Hello readers. Earlier I posted about a fantastic band called Fear Before (the March of Flames). Right now they are going through a bit of a tough time. Their friend and crew member Trent Jacobi was seriously injured while they were on tour in Australia. Here is a statement from the band

Dear friends of Trent Jacobi old and new,

As you may or may not have heard, our beloved friend, Trent Jacobi, was involved in a very serious freak accident on the morning October 30th while on tour with us in Australia. Before I go any further, let me assure you that in the long run Trent is going to be OK but until he is well, there are many problems that need to be sorted. I’ll start from the beginning…

Trent has been an absolutely vital element to Fear Before the March of Flames. He has been on nearly every tour with us for over 3 years and is responsible for our light show, good spirits on long tours, belly-up unending laughter, counseling for when we need it most, and most of all—being the greatest guy that works hard and asks for nothing. He believes in us and what we do. He supports us to no limit. Now we need to return the favor.

Trent paid his own way for this trip. He went to great lengths to save every penny of his in able to join us on our first tour in Australia. This was his vacation. We all arrived on the 21st and were greeted with overwhelming hospitality. The first show in Brisbane was absolutely incredible. In the days to follow things only got better. Australia was a dream come true up until the time of the accident.

On the morning of the 30th, after a great show in Melbourne, we were up late with our tour mates in Gatherer. We had not yet stayed up to see the sun rise over Australia and so it only seemed appropriate to go up on the roof to view such an event. Only a few people went up but they came down minus one. As it was described, Trent was in the middle of a sentence when he just “disappeared”. What happened was he stepped on a weak point in the roof and fell 25 feet onto concrete. His fall was barely broken by landing on a bike. We believe this is the only reason he is still alive. All the doctors were amazed that anyone could survive a fall that far without serious spinal damage or head injury.

His injuries are as follows:

-Fractures in his pelvis
-Multiple severe breaks in his left arm
-3 broken ribs
-Punctured lung

These injuries will require very serious surgeries, including metal plates put into his pelvis and restructuring his left arm. Not only are these surgeries serious and very intensive, but also they are going to be unbelievably expensive. Trent does not have medical insurance and is currently in the hospital awaiting his second of several forthcoming surgeries. Due to severe pain and trauma from the fall, he was unable to come with us back to the USA and it looks as though Trent will be there for a very long time. Even when his surgeries are done he will have to undergo physical therapy and will not be able to return home until deemed healthy.

Many people revere him for his remarkable will to always find happiness in what life hands him, and he is doing just that with recovery. He is remaining strong and wants everyone to know that although he may be in pain, he is not wearied. But he needs our help…

His medical bills are well beyond the reach of anything we can cover. With the help of many people and whatever little bit anyone can afford, we can make a large dent in these bills. Anything and everything you can give is appreciated. No donation is too small. Thank you all for supporting Trent and us in this time of need.

Fear Before and Equal Vision Records

Trent in the hospital.

There are one of two things you can do. Donate via PayPal to help Trent or you can download Fear Before’s albums at a pay-what-you-want price, with all proceeds going towards helping out Trent. Please do not use the other previously written post that I wrote about this band to preview their music, but instead use the bandcamp link provided to stream their music and then donate so they can get Trent back in the United States.

Thank you very much for reading, and please, be kind and donate.

I Would Set Myself on Fire For You

I Would Set Myself on Fire For You was quite the band. They made the kind of male-female mishmash vocal type of screamo similar to that of 1905 or Circle Takes the Square, but with the post-rock buildup and wide instrumentation reminiscent of City of Caterpillar. The emotion just pours out in certain parts of their record, Believes in Patterns, which I believe to be their best work. It’s raw, and it shows how much more material the band could have made that may been even better before their unfortunate break up. They also have a Demo, a self-titled cd and a summer tour DVD that I used to have, but my external hard drive crashed. If I am able to find them, they will be posted.

Believes in Patterns