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The Jonbenet

The Jonbenet

The whole genre of post-hardcore is pretty much worn down. Very rarely are there bands who set themselves away from the rest of the circle and produce a sound that is entirely their own. One of these bands would have to be The Jonbenet. Their sound consists play a crazy mix of intense riffs along shrill screams, which you could almost compare to The Blood Brothers, but it’s a different sound. It’s awesome.

The album I will be posting from them is their best work, The Plot Thickens. There is not a single flaw on this album, it’s pretty much the way this kind of music should sound. Their second album (entitled Ugly/Heartless, if you wish to look it up), was pretty much a huge variation from the sound on Plot, and it wasn’t in a good way.

Unfortunately, after dealing with no real support from when they tried touring the US, among other things, they scrapped the idea to record new things and are calling it quits with two final shows in their home state of Texas. The last two shows are with fellow Texans and friends At All Cost. It’s a huge loss for their scene, they were a great band, as showed by the potential on The Plot Thickens.

The Plot Thickens.

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I have looked all around for this CD. It’s not at their merchstores on Merchnow or their own at Pluto Record’s merchstore. I’ve also checked Smartpunk and Interpunk. There’s plenty of shirts to buy, though. If you can search around and find a physical copy of the CD, please do so. It’s worth it. And if you go to your local record store and buy it, you’ll be supporting a great band and independent records. Everyone wins that way.


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  1. Awesome blog, you pretty much have posted some of my favorite current bands! Keep up the good work! This is the band I am in, we are doing about a week with Touche Amore coming up and playing a few select shows with La Dispute

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