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American Football.

American Football.

Every now and then, there’s certain bands that come along and shake things up. They make a product that is beyond unique, a product that is some of the best music to ever grace your ears. One of these bands would have to be American Football. With smoothly layered guitars and beautiful horns throughout their music, its some of the most relaxing and amazing music out there to just get lost in. Mike Kinsella pours his heart out into the lyrics, creating some of the most emotionally charged music I have ever heard. Not in a pissed off way, or a sad way, but in a way that makes you feel as if you’re reading out of someone’s journal. It hits, and it hits close to the heart.

They only put out a 3-song 7″ EP and a full-length record, both of which are absolutely incredible. Their existence as a band lasted only 3 years, playing a small amount of shows around the Midwestern area and breaking up after the release of their full-length. Nobody knows how much this band could have done, but the potential was honestly endless.

Their music is absolutely beautiful, and it’s perfect for this time of year. The lyrical content and the musical style reflects the shedding of the beautiful weather and the leaves falling to the ground that occurs in the fall. It’s something completely special to walk home listening to American Football and taking it all in.

It’s a feeling that can only be described as ethereal.

American Football EP.

American Football EP.


American Football LP

American Football LP


Live at the Fireside Bowl in Chicago, IL (04-03-99)


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  1. The EP was never a 7″. It was a 3 song CD and many years later, re-released as a 12″.

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