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Touche Amore.

Touche Amore.

Here’s another great band from California. Touche Amore is similar to Comadre in the sense they make great screamo tunes, but its of a different style. Comadre tends to be more intense, but Touche Amore combines slow, almost post-rock esque moments into explosions of screamo tunes with raspy vocals that could be considered almost raspy.

However, its also very catchy and memorable stuff. There are lots of unforgettable lines and also interesting parts, such as the hand claps to lead off the song  “It’s All Happening In Mine”, the opener to their LP …to The Beat of a Dead Horse. Their music packs a quick punch, which leads to my only complaint about this band is the length. Their music feels like its ending just as soon as you started it. It’s definitely worth giving a listen to, though.

Demo 2008

Demo 2008

Buy 7″Download

(Note: the 7″ of the demo doesn’t have the songs “Hipsterectomy” and “Huckleberry)

...To the Beat of a Dead Horse

...To the Beat of a Dead Horse


Buy more Touche Amore merch here.


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