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Everyone seems to say Screamo/Skramz is dying out. It’s kind of true. A lot of of good bands are breaking up/broken up, and Circle Takes the Square’s new album seems to be a never-ending work in progress. Very rarely is new stuff coming out that is impressive.

That’s where Comadre comes into play. Hailing from California, these dudes pack a punch with their music sure to tear faces off due to how intense it is. Vocalist Juan Gabe’s screams are shrill and to the point, with the rest of the band providing a tight background with some of the best-instrumented playing in hardcore today. Everything they’ve put out has been spectacular, and they’re one of the coolest bands making music around.

The Youth (2004)

Buy – Download (sceneregular rip)

Burn Your Bones (2006)

BuyDownloadDownload Remastered

Songs About the Man! EP + More Songs About the Man!

(I am unfortunately unable to find any purchase links for this)

Comade/Trainwreck Split (2007)

Buy (LP)Buy (CD) Download

A Wolf Ticket (2009)

Buy CDBuy LPDownload CDDownload LP

They also have some bangin’ mixtapes, as well as A Wolf Ticket, all for free download at this link. The mixtapes have covers of Elliott Smith, Paul Baribeau and other neat items.


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