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I was just thinking last night about how I hadn’t listened to Folly in a long time, and it perplexed me. Folly is one of the most interesting bands I’ve ever heard. Jon Tummillo’s spine-chilling and shrill vocals went perfectly over Folly’s blend of the heaviest and most crushing breakdowns I’ve ever heard mixed equally with lighthearted and upbeat ska parts.  For the most part, I don’t listen to much heavy music unless its really unique and talented, and that definitely describes Folly. They have some of the best lyrics penned in hardcore music, and they are one of the heaviest bands I have ever heard. I said it a few sentences ago, but some of their breakdowns are crushing and just purely amazing, and I’m not a huge fan of breakdowns. Usually breakdowns take away from a band’s music and are just added in because they can’t think of anything better to play, but Folly really added a lot to their music by playing the breakdowns they made.

Anyways, for the time being Folly is unfortunately done as a band. They didn’t break up because of band members fighting, or anything of the sort. They wanted to play music, but didn’t want to tour anymore. They were tired with the state of the music industry and what the scene had become. Hopefully they decided to get back together at some point, considering they’re still all good friends, and play a few shows. After all, I’d love to see Folly play a show at least once before I die.

For My Friends EP

For My Friends EP.

Download – OUT OF PRINT

Insanity Later.

Insanity Later.

Download hereBuy here

Resist Convenience.

Resist Convenience.

Download here Buy here

These Are The Names Of Places We Broke Down In EP.

These Are The Names Of Places We Broke Down In EP.

Download for free at PurevolumeMirror link

More info on Folly can be found at their Myspace and Wikipedia pages.


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