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United Nations

United Nations

United Nations is made up of Geoff Rickly, and has been rumored to have members of Converge, Glassjaw and other bands. The end result is Geoff Rickly screaming his lungs out over lyrics that aren’t as poetic as Thursday’s, but more sarcastic and angry, definitely better suited for the kind of music UN plays. They kind of sound like what would happen if Thursday, Comadre and Refused were all thrown into a blender. This album is definitely worth listening to, though. It’s one of the more composed and put-together hardcore records I’ve heard in a long time. There’s a lot of things you wouldn’t expect from a hardcore album on here, and its really an interesting collaboration. I know of people who don’t like heavy bands like this at all but enjoyed this album. It’s definitely worth giving a spin to.

United Nations

United Nations

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More info can be found at their Wikipedia page.


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