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La Dispute.

La Dispute.

If you’re wondering where the (current) title of this blog comes from, it comes from someone who used to be friends with me. I showed him this band I really love, La Dispute. I described them to him as exactly what they are: a creative and unique band making music unlike many other bands; passionate vocals over some of the best lyrics in the scene and great musicianship. Well, he gave La Dispute a listen and didn’t feel the same way. Eventually, our friendship fell apart and he’d text me just to be a dick. One of these texts read “La Dispute r00ls”, which was ironic because I was wearing my La Dispute shirt at the time.

Anyways, I’ve been listening to (and enjoying) La Dispute for a while. Hailing from Michigan, they create a unique blend of post-hardcore, indie and countless other genres as well. Their album Somewhere At the Bottom of The River Between Vega and Altair (that’s quite the mouthful) was released last year to plenty of praise. They also released a fantastic 7″ that year entitled Only Everything Below. Before that, they released their debut album Vancouver, as well as two EP’s featuring works of literature put to music entitled Here, Hear.

If I had to choose any of their albums to listen to, start with Somewhere at the the Bottom… and the Only Everything Below 7″. These are their best and most composed works as a band. Vancouver is a good album, but less focused musically and a bit heavier.

These dudes are definitely worth checking out. Their lyrics (as stated earlier) are absolutely amazing and paint an interesting scenery. Their live shows are not to be missed, with the band setting up lights at their feet and lead singer Jordan Dreyer usually running into the crowd barefooted. They definitely can pull of the amazing things they do on record live. Go and support these dudes if you like it too, there’s a reason that I own the Somewhere CD, Vancouver LP and CD, Only Everything Below 7″, Here, Hear II 7″, a shirt and I’m ordering the Somewhere 2xLP. They’re a great band who deserves support.

Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Altair and Vega

Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Altair and Vega

Download Somewhere At the Bottom of The River Between Vega and AltairStream on Last.FM – Buy the CD – Buy the 2xLP



Download Vancouver – Buy the CD – Buy the LP

Only Everything Below

Only Everything Below

Download Only Everything Below – Buy the Vinyl (no CD option)

Here, Hear IHere, Hear II (not available for purchase)

La Dispute merch at No Sleep Store


One Comment

  1. I play bass in this band and wanted to say that this is a stand up blog. I get a lot of my music in this fashion and am flattered to see our album among some really great bands (city of caterpillar, united nations) and some of our best friends (comadre, touche amore).

    To clarify, the 7″ is intended to be untitled; just one of the sides is only everything below while the other is shall never lose its power.

    As for Here, Hear 1 & 2, both were physically released in small runs but are both out of print. We will be having a digital download available this Christmas with Here, Hear 3 packaged with HH 1, 2, last year’s Christmas HH, and the untitled 7″, all in one download. You are welcome to host this when it becomes available.

    Keep up the good work. Lets see some pg. 99, circle takes the square, & daitro up here! I’ve also got some records I could send your way that you might like to share.

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