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Street Smart Cyclist.

Street Smart Cyclist.

Here’s the first band I’ll be posting. Street Smart Cyclist was a well-renowned emo band from the Lehigh Valley. They only put out one 7-inch record, an acoustic tour ep (the band themselves call it sketchy) and two unreleased songs that were meant for a split 7″ that never happened. There were small tensions inside the band, but the catalyst leading to the breakup was the fact that someone stole all the stuff from their van in North Carolina (with an explanation from guitarist Ross Brazuk here). John, Nate, and Ross are now playing in the great Snowing (who I will be posting about soon). Jon and Dave are working on an project of their own.

I personally loved this band and everything they put out. I really regret having the option to go to their last shows that they played with Algernon Cadwallader in upstate Pennsylvania and missing them, it will be something I’ll regret forever. Their 7″ was great, but the two songs meant for the split that are unreleased are my personal favorites. The tour EP takes a little bit of listening to get into, the mix on it is pretty horrible.

Street Smart Cyclist was

Jon Geeting – Guitar

Ross Brazuk – Guitar,

John Galm on vocals (replaced briefly by Jonathan “Cody” Garwacke of Yo Man, Go!)

Nate Dionne – Bass

Dave Geeting – Drums.

Here’s a link to download their stuff that they posted in a bulletin a while back. Enclosed in the file is their Demo 2006! 7″, Lint Traps Acoustic Tour EP and two songs intended for a 7″ that were never released. Unfortunately, they didn’t press many copies of their 7″ and don’t have anything to purchase. Apparently though, there have been talks of a discography 12″ or CD release…but that’s just hearsay.

Download hereListen here


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