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Lion of the North

Lion of the North was a screamo band from Michigan. Their members have since joined La Dispute and Grown Ups, but this band was truly something special. Unfortunately, they only put out a 4 song EP and two songs on a split, but the material released is some of the most passionate screamo I have ever heard. This is definitely worth downloading, it’s a shame Lion of the North is done.

Compass Calls EP

Lion of the North/Mans Split

Download both in one file


Acres. was once a band from Montclair, NJ. There are tons of bands that form, release a handful amazing material, and break up way too soon. Unfortunately, Acres. is one of those bands. I had the pleasure of catching both of their last shows, both at the drummer Dexter’s house in Montclair. The second time was a surprise set and their definite last show ever, and it’s truly a bummer, because they are so talented and played an amazing set that everyone loved. These guys are my friends, but this opinion is without bias; they are one of the most talented bands of this kind that I have ever heard. I am posting their 4-song demo Silos, which is an amazing showing of the noodly guitars and deep lyrics that Acres. once displayed.

I know its in iTunes format, but oh well, you should be using foobar2000 anyways.

Acres. Silos

Grown Ups

Grown Ups is a band from Chicago. Their Songs EP is absolutely amazing, it’s flawless. However, I’m not too stoked on their new album More Songs. I’m not going to be negative about it, but personally it isn’t for me. The differences between the two records are so vast. I say grab both releases, but listen to Songs first.

Members of Grown Ups also used to be in Lion of the North, who I’m sure I will be posting about at some point later.


More Songs

Are You Kitten Me? (Demo ft. Justin Pierre of Motion City Soundtrack)

Merchant Ships

My good friends in Merchant Ships are signed to Count Your Lucky Stars records! This label is run by Keith of Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) and they’re a great fit for the Merchant Ships dudes. If you want to know all their thoughts on that, go here.

Upcoming releases? I think so.

“For Cameron” EP (self released CD June 2010/ Digital + 10″ Vinyl on CYLS June (digital) + August 2010)

“Bummer Tapes” re-release of Bummer Times on tape w/bonus acoustic songs (released by our friend in MESHKAHKSD before June tour)

The new songs those dudes have put up have been absolutely awesome. I’m stoked on how good they are, and how much they’re progressing. Also, there’s tons of dates on their myspace for their summer tour!

Anyways, you didn’t think I’d leave you without anything to download right? Attached are two copies of Shipsography. One is my personal copy, ripped from the CD-R at v0 quality and I even went through the trouble to add all of the lyrics to each song, so you can read them while you listen. Another is the “scene”/proper release of it, which I uploaded because it’s hillarious someone would go and make a scene release of it. I’d personally recommend downloading my copy.

Also included is the LOLcats demo, which isn’t on Shipsography.

Shipsography (v0/VBR – lyrics included)


LOLcats demo

Unfortunately, I can’t find any merch from these dudes, but you must catch them on tour this summer and buy their stuff! They put on a great live show and they’re great people to hang out with.

jack senff <3

Midwest Pen Pals

Midwest Pen Pals was/is a band from Indiana. It features Jack and Nick from Merchant Ships. They released the Inside Jokes EP, which is super solid and awesome. Apparently they are back (they recently played a reunion show) and will be recording new songs soon. This band is awesome, get into it.

Inside Jokes

using zshare from now on. if you don’t like it, well, i don’t really care. mediafire kind of screwed me over and there’s nothing i can do about it.

all .zip-ped up and ready to go, and mediafire doesn’t let me upload anything anymore. what are some other options for hosting files

i’m really sorry for the lack of updates. if you’re reading this or read this blog, i’m sorry and thank you for your patience. i’ve been really busy with school as of late, and a bunch of things have been/currently are stressing me out. i’ve got a few updates planned though, so be on the lookout for a few showcases of bands that i love.

Harrison Bergeron

If you can’t tell from the above picture, Harrison Bergeron was once a band from the Lehigh Valley, PA area whose members went on to form Boy Problems, Street Smart Cyclist and Storm the Bastille. They played an intense brand of mathy screamo music, somewhat comparable to Orchid or Joshua Fit for Battle at moments. They only put out 6 songs, all of which are amazing. It must be noted that there isn’t a proper version floating around of their Dead Bergeron compilation of sorts, some songs are low quality (56-96kbps) and others are of somewhat higher quality (160kbps).  As soon as a proper copy is out there and available for purchase, it will be uploaded with a link for purchasing as well.  They are one of the most intense and raw bands that made this kind of music and the low quality of this compilation shouldn’t stop you from checking them out.

Dead Bergeron

Boy Problems

Boy Problems was a band from Philadelphia/Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. They only put out 6 songs, which is a bummer. One was a Tour EP and the other song was from a 4-way-split with a 3 other bands. However, all of their material is perfect. The lyrics are great for curing whatever sadness you’re going through. The noodly and mathy music over the shrill screaming is perfect. These 6 songs are absolutely amazing, with so many good moments. I mean, it starts off with a clip from Superbad where Seth and Evan tell eachother how they’re best friends and how they love eachother. There are just so many perfect moments from what they released, for lack of better words is amazing and emotional. It might take a bit of getting used to, but this band and what they did was amazing. I’m so grateful that I got to see them live at least once, even if they were drunk.

Summer Tour Songs

Good Grief (from 4-way-split)

Boys & Sex

Boys & Sex starts where Boy Problems left off. It’s still great music, but it’s a little more punk-ish than the noodly styling of Boy Problems. I didn’t like it at first, but it’s undoubtedly just as good as Boy Problems. The lyrics are as good as ever, the music packs a punch and is really solid.

Boys & Sex EP – Order it here